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Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? The four spiritual laws (in summary) are: God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life. ... Jesus Christ is God's only provision for our sin, and through him we can know and experience God's love and plan for our lives.


Korean College Student Mission (KCCC) made these great animations!  Share with those that need to learn!  Buy a Bible for your friends form other countries and watch with them the Video in their own language.

한국어  Korean  http://youtu.be/nApHnHgiF30

우리가 사는 세상에는 일정한 법칙이 있습니다. 해가지면 달이 뜨고 밤하늘엔 별이 반짝입니다. 지구와 행성들은 일정한 주기로 자전과 공전을 계속합니다. 물은 위에서 아래로 흘러 시내가 되고 시내는 강물이 되어 바다로 향합니다. 추운 겨울이 지나면 반드시 봄이 오고 들판에는 꽃들이 만발합니다. 이렇게 자연의 신비로움은 경이롭기만 합니다. 이 놀라운 세상을 만드신 하나님과 사람 사이에도 영적인 법칙이 있습니다.



에서 영어  English  http://youtu.be/iU4tOUstUho

There are certain laws in the world we live in. If you do, the moon will rise and the stars will shine in the night sky. Earth and planets continue to rotate and revolve at regular intervals. The water flows from the top down to the stream, and the stream becomes the river and goes to the sea. After the cold winter, the spring will surely come and the flowers will bloom in the fields. This mysteriousness of nature is wonderful. There is a spiritual rule between God and man who made this amazing world.

에서 중국어   Chinese Traditional   http://youtu.be/CY5jhyB1L14

러시아어  Russian   http://youtu.be/EqXTjnhuvog

일본어   Japanese   http://youtu.be/P1TOGqIjXIQ

스페인어   Spanish http://youtu.be/xCtLrP5tqLw   ¿Has oido hablar de las cuatro leyes espirituales?

힌디어  Hindi   http://youtu.be/S1bl6gQt1gY

몽골어  Mongolian   http://youtu.be/kH_jz9V_wUE

프랑스어  French   http://youtu.be/f2AxSCZZlHw

폴란드어  Polish  http://youtu.be/cxRY24dxw-I

Czy słyszałeś o... 4 Prawach Duchowego Życİa ?

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Praise and Worship Audio cassettes are back! RARE Maranatha! Music, Word, Hosanna! Music, Integrity, Sparrow, Vineyard Music! GOD IS GOOD!

PRAISE AND WORSHIP Audio cassettes are back! RARE Maranatha! Music, Word, Hosanna! Music, Integrity, Vineyard Music!BRAND NEW TAPES FROM BIBLE IN MY LANGUAGE!Let us know if you are interested in any of these Worship Tapes:AND MANY MANY MORE!   200 TITLES from these PUBLISHERS

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New ARRIVAL from Philippines! The TAGALOG KJV OLD TEXT BIBLES, in classic Black hardcover format.

We are excited to announce the arrival of a classic out of print Bible!2 SIZES arrived:Ang Biblia / Tagalog Language Bible KJV Old Text / TAG054JP PhilippinesBLACK HARDCOVERISBN 9789712900310http://bibleinmylanguage.com/ang-biblia-tagalog-la...Ang Biblia / Tagalog Language Bible KJV Old Text / TAG033JP PhilippinesBLACK HARDCOVERISBN 9789712901034http://bibleinmylanguage.com/ang-biblia-tagalog-la...This Bible is the ANG BIBLIA, the classic KJV translation to Tagalog, the national [...]

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LOVE WORKING WITH RARE LANGUAGES! Introducing a new print in Central Sinamese Language / Old Testament Portions and The New Testament in Central Sinama Language – Kitab Injil & Kitab Awal-Jaman / Color Maps / Native to the Philippines, Borneo, and M

LOVE WORKING WITH RARE LANGUAGES!Always learn and find something new!  This made me laugh today:Sample text in SinamaSai na mbal alasa ma bahasana akalap lagi' min hayop maka min daing alangsa.Tagalog translationAng hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, masahol pa sa hayop at malansang isda.English translationHe who does not love his own language is worse [...]

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How many languages are in the world?

Starting with the CONTINENTS:Africa 2,250 Americas 1,198 Asia 2,514 Europe 378 Oceania 1,534 Total 7,881MORE DETAILS:Extinct 814Existing 7,046 Constructed 21 Total 7,881According to our own count, the total number of languages into which Scriptures have been translated reached the 2,850 mark in 2013. This enumeration is based on a particular definition of what constitutes a human language, namely that reflected by [...]

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United Bible Societies / Bible In My Language sells UBS Bibles in huge numbers! Here is a summary of who the UNITED BIBLE SOCIETIES are and since when they were formed.

United Bible Societies - The Bible for Everyone!BIML workers visited and purchased form most of the members of UBS, during the last 14 years.https://www.unitedbiblesocieties.org/The United Bible Societies (UBS) is an association of 152 Bible societies, each of which represents a different country or territory. The UBS was established in 1946 by thirteen national Bible societies. [...]

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Fresh from Cambodia! Gospel booklets, great for evangelism! Give out the story of Jesus to you Cambodian neighbors!

ANNOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OF 100 of each:Khmer Gospels in Khmer Standard Version / Great for Evangelism of CambodiansTHIS IS MATTHEWhttp://bibleinmylanguage.com/khmer-gospel-of-matth...THIS IS LUKEhttp://bibleinmylanguage.com/khmer-gospel-of-luke-...THIS IS JOHNhttp://bibleinmylanguage.com/khmer-gospel-of-john-...THIS IS MARKhttp://bibleinmylanguage.com/khmer-gospel-of-mark-...Text United Bible Societies 2005KHM-5M-2017KHSV 540 Printed and Published by the Bible Society in Cambodia“As the outward man is not fit for work for any length of time unless he eats, [...]

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There is very little information about Elisha the Prophet in the Bible and in Commentaries. Here are some interesting points I preached this week.

Elisha was not a volunteer to the call of God. “Pick me, pick me, and pick me!”NO!He was SENSITIVE to the call of God. He was not volunteering! GOD IS NOT LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS!WHY?  Because, most volunteers are just looking for activities. Just to float their boat, to amuse themselves for a short period of time.We will see in [...]

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Beautiful visit at the Bible Society of Cambodia / we found treasures! Full Bibles and lot of Children's Bibles obtained.

Cambodian Bibles are very hard to obtain from outside of the country.That is why our group made the long trip so we can finally source Khmer Language Bibles and other related Christian literature direct from the sources.This amazing designer building is the home of the BIBLE SOCIETY OF CAMBODIA!HERE IS THE ENTRANCE TO THE COMPOUND:SIMPLE [...]

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New BIBLES, new Languages arriving from Ghana and Togo today!

Pastor Chuck is returning today from AFRICA!We are committed to go to the all corners of the world to bring in Bibles in NEW LANGUAGES! Matthew 24:14  King James Version  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end [...]

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